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The Lodge - Essential Oil Kit

Explore the refreshing scent-scape of the West Coast, from the comfort and security of rich, woodsy aromas to energizing floral and herbal scents. Inspired by a closeness with nature and the irresistible call off rugged mountain ridges and mystical coastline, The Lodge includes four unique blends: Willow, River, Boreal, and Coast.

What's Included...

Take a spiritual journey with Willow, reconnecting with nature to help you find balance in life.

River is like taking a beautiful journey, flowing through the remote wilderness guided by Mother Nature's calming hand.

Escape into an old growth forest deep in the remote wilderness with this rich, woodsy blend of North American Fir Needle, European Pine, fresh Eucalyptus and spicy Clove.

Escape to the edge of the western seaboard, where a fresh mountainside breeze carries the light, woodsy aroma from the surrounding old-growth forest.