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Natural Deodorant: Lemon, Lavender, Patchouli, Orange

Welcome to the product that started it all for Two Sisters Naturals. At Two Sisters Naturals, they don’t believe you should have to choose between natural, quality ingredients and a product that works. They created a natural deodorant to respond to the stinky and sticky situations in life. 

It’s everything you want in a deodorant (and nothing you don’t):

  •   Streak free
  •   Works all day
  •   Zero plastic packaging
  •   All natural ingredients
  •   Vegan
  •   Aluminum free

Speaking of smells: Original blends carried

Choose from: 

Lavender: a gentle scent that will carry with you throughout the day 

Empowered: the perfect deodorant for those moments where you need a little boost. 

Creamsicle: infuse your day with the light scent of our favourite childhood treat 

Lemon: the perfect aroma to wake up to.  

Application: Roll on deodorants are so yesterday. Two Sisters Natural Deodorant is applied with just the tip of your little finger. Just a dab under each arm and you will be smelling fresh all day.