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Bamboo Hair Brush

Elevate your hair care routine with our all-natural Bamboo Hair Brush. This versatile brush is designed to effortlessly glide through all hair types, whether your locks are thick, thin, curly, or straight, leaving your hair looking and feeling its best

The benefits of our Bamboo Hair Brush include: 

  • Environmentally friendly - 100% bamboo hairbrush made with natural rubber and sustainable bamboo. Fully biodegradable - even the pins are 100% bamboo! It is a better option for healthier, shinier hair.
  • Massage made by rounded ends wooden bristles stimulates blood flow to the scalp and boosts hair growth. Besides, with more blood hair follicles get more nutrition. 
  • Sharp tips and edges of plastic bristles can pull and tear hair strands, while the delicately polished bamboo bristles on wooden hair brush glide through your hair like breeze.
  • Plastic hair brushes produce static that electrifies your hair, and you have these hateful fly-aways that can't be smoothed down, frizz and constant tangling. With our wood hairbrush, your hair lies still.