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About Inner Beauty Shop

"To establish a consistent self-care routine, consider habit stacking. Think about your typical evening routine. Are you usually on the couch or in bed watching TV? Take this opportunity to incorporate a gua sha tool or use your hands for a soothing massage. Cultivate a deeper connection with your body by addressing commonly overlooked areas, such as the temples above your ears and your tense traps. There's no need for a mirror; all you need to do is simply start.”

- Founder, Alexandra Fox


At Inner Beauty Shop, our aim is to simplify and make self-care practical. We strive to assist you in achieving a well-rounded lifestyle where your daily habits and the self-care products you use complement each other seamlessly. Our approach blends insights from the latest research with time-honored practices.
Education lies at the heart of our mission. We are deeply committed to sharing knowledge about beauty and wellness, a tradition that runs deep in our heritage. Throughout history, women have led the way in passing down traditional practices and remedies through generations. We are dedicated to continuing this legacy by educating and supporting our community, just as the women before us have done and continue to do.


Inner Beauty Shop is a women-owned and Canadian-founded wellness & beauty shop. 75% of the brands we carry are Canadian owned.

Our house line, Inner Beauty, creates small batch, high-quality, and sustainable products within the beauty & wellness industry.

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No system ever works alone. At Inner Beauty Shop, we spread knowledge about the positive effects of improving your lifestyle as a whole. You’ll find an assortment of self-care products- from clean facial oils to gentle liver cleansesWe are here to introduce you to the many benefits self-care rituals can have on your life- helping you not only look your best but also feel it. After all, beauty comes from within.

Check out our house line Inner Beauty here to kick off your IB journey. Join the community on social media at @innerbeautyshop