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The perfect nourishing facial oil to add to your routine. 
About Rosehip Oil
Our 100% unrefined Rosehip oil is cold-pressed and extracted from the seeds of a specific type of rose called Rosa Mosqueta or Rubiginosa. Rosehip oil is very rich in essential fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic acids, including Vitamin A, C, B, and D; all of which contribute to the beauty and maintenance of skin and hair.

This plant was first used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and natives Americans. The plant was widely used by the ancient tribes because of its high healing properties. Currently, Rosehip is predominantly grown in Chile.

Rosehip oil today is widely popular and known as a lightweight 'Dry Oil' for its fast ability to be absorbed into the skin. Leaving your skin hydrated and plump without a thick feeling of oil on the skin. For this reason, it allows this oil to be used on all skin types.

Rose Hip Oil Benefits
100% Organic Rosehip Oil- Cold Pressed Grade A

-Even Skin Tone
-Reduce inflammation

Use 2-3 drops on a freshly clean face. Use the Gua Sha tool to massage into your skin or use a jade roller to distribute oil.

*A patch test is recommended if you have reactive skin (prone to allergic reactions, breakouts ex.)*

Extra Uses:

-Cuticle Oil
-Scalp Treatment
-Cracked/ Dry Hands & Feet
-Break Down Makeup (Pre Cleanse)